Toddler Approved! White Peach & Ginger Muffins

I’ve been on a real cooking and canning kick in my kitchen these days. It’s all in the bounty of the season. Fall harvest brings forth so much goodness and I’ve been making some real steps into good old-fashioned homesteading the past few years.

It is a big undertaking, growing your own vegetables and fruits, canning them, and making your own breads, muffins and cookies. These have been amongst my long- and short-term goals. One can quickly lose the plot on stuff like this when they have babies and toddlers underfoot. Which is precisely why it’s been a very slow evolution for me; one that I’ve truly wanted to become a part of how our family operates, and how we live, eat and sustain ourselves (as much as we can). So I started small and have increased what I take on each year.

What does this have to do with white peach, ginger muffins? Since I’m all about seasonal cooking and baking, and last week was the last week for peaches where I live in Ontario…the answer is obvious! All hail baked goods with peaches in them!


Especially when they are low-carb (made with spelt and coconut flours), and (refined) sugar-free! You can feel good about feeding these to your toddlers and even your Stage 3 eating babies. In fact — these very well could become a weekly staple in your home for quick breakfasts, snacks at home, at school and after school! We like to slather them with almond butter, butter and homemade jam, or eat them plain as is. I love these muffins because the recipe itself is a great muffin base, with or without the peaches. I think I’m going to switch things up a bit next week and make spiced apple muffins!

If you’re really hankering for that recipe, you can come and visit me over here for the complete step-by-step written and visual guide complete with printable recipe card!

Happy baking and happy eating!

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