A Fun Toddler Activity: Coloring on the Easel!

We’ve had an easel in our house ever since my oldest daughter was about three years old. Due to space, we don’t have it permanently set up, so sometimes it gets a little forgotten until we pull it back out of the closet. Such was the case until this past week, when we rearranged our game closet and made the easel more accessible. It was a good thing we did too, since baby boy is enjoying coloring more these days. The easel is now his new favorite activity!


Coloring on the Easel, A Toddler's Favorite Activity

Baby boy now uses the easel a lot. He colors and draws (well, scribbles) various times throughout the day. With crayons and sometimes chalk for the chalkboard side of the easel, he doodles and explores with different colors. He likes to tell me about his drawings too, sometimes sharing that he’s drawn a castle, a circle, or perhaps the sun.

I like to sit down and draw different shapes for him to recognize and name. Other times, I write a few numbers and he imitates my movement, all helping him to learn the pattern for writing these numbers in the future. I do the same with letters. But, sometimes we just freely draw and create a scene with a mix of everyday sights.

Drawing on the easel has become a favorite activity for baby boy and one he does daily. It helps him develop his imagination and fine motor skills, as well. It also provides a quiet activity for him, a welcome change from the usual running around he likes to do.

Do you have an easel in your house? Has your toddler found a love for it yet?

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