5 Tips for Setting the Kids’ Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and I am so excited to be hosting this year for family and friends. It’s the first holiday in our new house, so I am even more excited to cook and decorate for all to see.

Because we are having many guests, we don’t have much room for the kids to sit at the table, so I am making a special table just for them. When I mentioned it to my oldest daughter, she wasn’t as thrilled as I was to sit at a table with just the kids. Little did she know that I had a great table planned for her that she is going to be so excited to sit at because it will be so much fun.

Here’s how I’m making sure my little ones have fun at the kids table this Thanksgiving.

  • Kids Table

    Kids Table

    Get the kids excited to sit at their own table this Thanksgiving with these tips!

  • Don't Overdo the Place Setting

    Don't Overdo the Place Setting

    Don’t get out the fancy china for the kids. Keep it realistic and fun. Kids’ plates and silverware are perfect because they will hold up to the wear and tear during the delicious meal!

  • Keep Them Busy

    Keep Them Busy

    We made these placemats last week and left them “incomplete” so that they could finish coloring at the table while the food is being prepared.

  • Let them Color

    Let them Color

    I used brown kraft paper as the tablecloth so that the girls could easily color on it during the meal. Plus, it’s easy to fold up and throw away once the meal is over.

  • Use What You Have for Decor

    Use What You Have for Decor

    My youngest daughter made the cute turkey in preschool and I decided to use it for the centerpiece of the table. She is going to love sitting down and seeing her artwork in the middle of the table. My girls also love flowers, so I used one flower from a bouquet that I had to add a pop of color to the table.

  • Enjoy the Meal

    Enjoy the Meal

    By making the table kid-friendly and full of things that the kids can play with to keep them entertained, you are sure to have a great meal!

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