Tips for Connecting with Mommies Locally & Online

One of the most helpful things since becoming a mom is connecting with other mommies. I love the fact that my best friend is also now a mom and that we relate so well to each other. We are supportive and encouraging of each other and it helps SO much to have someone to ask random questions to or vent a little when things get tough. Here are a few of my tips on how to cultivate great connections with mommies near and far from you.

1. Get Your Walk On – Is there a nice mall/outdoor shopping area close to you? Maybe a park or beautiful neighborhood? Find a central place and invite moms you know to meet up with their little ones and go for a walk. This is a great way to connect, get exercise and let the little ones meet each other.


2. Book Study – Start up a local bible study, book club or gathering for moms in your area. Meet at a central home or coffee shop and take time to have some “you” time and connect weekly/bi-monthly with other mommies. This is a great way to support one another and have needed friend time.

3. Reach Out – Having little ones definitely makes it more difficult to make plans and reach out to friends. Make it a goal to reach out to someone each week. Maybe a phone call, text, handwritten letter or a breakfast date? Make it a priority to connect and encourage.

4. Pen-Pals – Reach out to a mom you admire and possibly know online. Ask her to be your “pen-pal”! Do this the old fashion way or via email. Make time to ask questions, share stories and encourage each other!

5. Instagram – Instagram is such a great social network to connect with others. Next time you’re scrolling through photos on your feed, take a little time to comment and ask questions. It’s amazing how you can form friendships and connections online!

Have any additional tips to add? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment section below!

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