Tips for Beating the Heat in July

Summertime in Georgia is HOT and humid. For the most part, we enjoy the indoors and stay cozy in air conditioning. Since Soren has extremely sensitive skin, I try to avoid letting him get too sweaty since his eczema tends to flare up pretty bad when he sweats. For those of you looking to keep your little ones cool during the hot months, here are a few of our favorite ways to beat the heat in July!

1. Popsicles – I’m not talking about ordinary popsicles you can buy from a grocery store. Making your own popsicles for your little one allows you the choice of putting what you want in it AND letting them enjoy a cold treat. For little ones who aren’t on solids yet, you could try “milk-sicles”: Just use breast milk or formula, and put them in the freezer! You can purchase infant popsicle makers or use an ice cube tray. When your little one starts having more solids, you can trying mixing in a little pureed carrot or avocado for a little extra flavor. As they get older, try experimenting with different blended fruits and veggies. Yum!


2. Teether Rings – We love using those teether rings that you pop in the freezer. I usually tie a soft piece of fabric around them so they’re easier to hold onto without making babies hand too cold. This not only cools them down but helps with those aching gums.

3. Mesh Fresh Food Feeders – We love using a mesh feeder for Soren. Currently we just put little ice cubes in them or a “milk-cube” that he can suck on. You can also put frozen fruits of veggies in these for little one to nom on. These are usually easy for baby to hold, which makes them love it even more.

4. Swim Time – Nothing like cooling down with a little time in the pool! In order to keep Soren safe from too much sun, we put on a nice amount of infant sunscreen, use a sun hat and swim body suit. We also love that you can purchase infant floats that have a umbrella-like covering to protect baby from direct sunlight.

5. Bare Legs – During this time of year we’ve been keeping Soren in just a light onesie with no pants or socks to keep him cool. If his legs get a little chilly, we’ll throw on a pair of light shorts or socks. We especially dress him light when traveling since the car can get a little toasty.

6. Cool Down – If we’ve been outdoors for a good part of the day or have AC issues (yes, it has happened!) we love giving Soren a cool bath. We make the water room temperature and let him slash around and cool off a little. He loves the “pool water” feel. :)

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