Time to Consider Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers


As I proudly announced over the weekend, our little Hayden is now crawling. It was a milestone almost 11 months in the making, and although he was pretty patient in getting to this point of new-found independence, he is now steadfastly against being pinned down in any way. This particularly applies to diaper changes and getting pajamas on at night; both tasks that require him to lay down and be still. While I seem to have the magic touch, at least for now, with talking and singing him through these pesky diaper changes — daddy, grandma, and our sitter don’t seem to. They often end with tears and frustration for all parties involved. I think I may have found something though, that may help everyone along, and get us through this very squiggly, squirmy, moveable time with Hayden.Currently, we primarily cloth diaper, and use disposable Huggies when out and about and traveling, and use disposable nighttime Huggies at bedtime. I’m committed to cloth diapering for as long as we can, but these Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers may be just what we need now that our baby is so mobile.

Featuring stretchy sides that allow you to literally just slip the diapers on, we could essentially put these on Hayden while he’s still standing, which is just about the only time he’s not mad at us for keeping him from crawling. I love that there are tabs as well, to easily get them off and disposed of, and the absorb-away layers hold moisture in, yet keep him dry, which is especially important since he’s so mobile now.

Available through Amazon, Babies “R” Us, Target, and even CVS, I’m going to pick up a package to give them a try. I’m sure they’ll make diaper changes for all of us a lot easier, and hopefully tear-free. Have you given them a try?

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