Thoughts on Flying Overseas with Kids

I don’t stress out easily. But the idea of flying with two kids, a 5-year-old, and a recently walking and very active 14-month-old AND keeping them happy while in their seats scares the life out of me!


I’ve had plenty of experiences traveling to and from the UK, and from the UK to Chile and BACK with a 6-month old. I know the hard work it entails. However, I am determined to keep calm so that I don’t pass on my stress and anxiety to Little L.

This weekend, we are taking a family trip to our old hometown of London — it’s an 8-hour night flight from Washington, D.C. which I prefer over a day flight any day. Aside from the packing, all I see when I close my eyes at night is a crying baby trying to get out of my arms. Little L is difficult to calm, so I know exactly what awaits me.

However, here’s what I’m hoping will happen:

— M will be so excited to be on the flight that he’ll talk my husband’s ear off and watch TV until dinner arrives and won’t be very interested in me.

— Little L will be off her regular sleep schedule and will already be tired. She’ll have her milk and as soon as the lights go out, she will get fall asleep until we land in London at 2:00am local time, 7:00am there.

— In the event she doesn’t go to sleep right away, she will sit still while watching playing on her brother’s iPad which I will have fully charged and ready to go!

— M will sleep with his head on his papi’s lap and let me hold Little L and not get jealous of all of the “cuddle time” we are getting together.

— I will be able to get a bit of shut eye before landing.

— When Little L’s ears and nose get stuffed, I’ll be able to successfully soothe and distract her.

Of course, I know nothing will go as planned, but one can hope. My main goal is to keep calm and travel on!

What are your tips/suggestions when flying with children?

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