On Sleep Regression

My girl Abby definitely has a song in her heart and a diva will. We’ve currently been experiencing a sleep regression, which is totally my fault (but not really), and I’m sort of at my wits end about it.


I’ve gotten so desperate that I’ve considered giving her a clipboard with paper and some crayons to doodle herself to sleep like these parents did. But then I give my head a shake and realize that she is a tad bit too young for that yet (2 1/2 years) and we’d all wake up to some lovely new artwork on the walls. Then I read about the Sleep Buddy system and a fellow colleague over at Babble tried it and it worked for her!

Enter the angels singing on that one.

I’m so going to give it a whirl. Because what else have I got to lose aside from a minor dent in my pocketbook? Now before you go thinking that we haven’t put the effort in with her, don’t be silly. I’ve been camping out on the floor next to the door of the bedroom she shares with her brother for going on a couple of weeks now. Laying down a technique that worked for us with both her and her brother many a time before. (Because these regressions happen. There is no one time of sleep training and then everything is perfect, Nope. No siree.) Not so much this time. My girl has a will as strong as the Hulk and she’s as stubborn as — well — me.

So on we battle, with our will and our stubbornness, and all I can do is keep singing, “This Little Light of Mine” and the 10 other favourites that are a part of she and her brother’s roster. All I can do is look at that adorable face and melt. Every. Single. Time. Even if it’s 5 in the morning and she totally intruded on my yoga time.

Even then.

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