Third Trimester, HERE I COME!

Being pregnant for the third time is a strange thing. On one hand, I am super busy with my other children that I don’t have much time to think about this pregnancy or prepare for what is (SOON) ahead. On the other hand, I feel like I “get it” more this time than the others. I certainly more aware of what is happening inside my body and I certainly know what is ahead when it comes time for delivery. (Oh gosh, am I ready for that again?!) I can’t believe that I am just about to begin my 3rd trimester! It’s getting real! Here are my thoughts about nearing the final stage of pregnancy…


Time, speed up please! Being pregnant for the third time in three years makes it seem like I’ve been pregnant forever. I am certainly not a person who LOVES pregnancy, so I’m looking forward to NOT having a child growing inside of me!

I have so much to do! Pretty sure with my other two pregnancies, I had already put the nursery together by this point. Heck, I probably even had a hospital bag packed. Poor Baby #3’s nursery is empty. And while I have a plan for what it will look like in there, I haven’t really started a single thing. I have so much to do before she arrives!

I can’t wait to have a newborn! I am one of those persons who LOVES the newborn stage. Seriously, I crave it. I can’t wait to have a tiny little thing to hold and snuggle and care for. I can’t wait to see my other girls learn to be big sisters to this new little love.

I can’t wait to be a family of five! Yeah, things are going to be a lot more hectic, but my goodness, I am excited. Chances are, this is our last baby, so I’m excited for us to be “complete.”

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