Things That Make My Toddler Happy

As my little one is getting bigger, one of my favorite things is to learn more about her likes and dislikes and what makes her happy. In general, my Fern is a pretty happy girl. But, there are definitely a few things that make her soar a little more than others and add an extra twinkle in her eye and a slightly larger smile. Here are a few…

  • Things That Make My Toddler Happy

    Things That Make My Toddler Happy

    I love learning about all the little things that make my girl smile. Here are a few things that are currently making her happy as a clam…

  • "Simming"

    “Simming” (AKA: swimming) is a favorite. Anytime Fern sees a body of water, she points and excitedly repeats “Wah-tuh, wah-tuh, simming, simming!” It makes my heart so happy!

  • "Chichens"

    Our “chichens” (also known as chickens) provide Fern with endless entertainment. She loves following them around our yard and attempting to pet them.

  • Baking with Dad

    Baking with Dad

    While I was gone the other night Fern baked with my husband for the first time. I think her favorite part was getting to sample a bite or two at the end.

  • Playing in the big bed

    Playing in the big bed

    Fern discovered how to climb up on our bed and ever since she has decided that it is the happiest place in the house.

  • Stuffies


    Girl loves a good stuffed animal. I took this photo the other day when we were at the toy store as she attempted to collect as many stuffed animals as her little arms could manage.

  • Slides


    There is no slide too big or scary for my little.

  • Backyard exploring

    Backyard exploring

    We have a pretty large, wooded backyard and Fern enjoys meandering about and exploring all the rocks and sticks that it has to offer.

  • Animal snuggles

    Animal snuggles

    While Fern may not be big on snuggling with humans, she loves a good animal snuggle.

  • Wagon rides

    Wagon rides

    Wagon rides are fun, but when you add a few friends the fun increases exponentially!

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