10 Things I’ve Learned the First Month as a Mom of Three

Macks turned one month old yesterday which means that I survived the first month of parenthood as a mother of three. I still have to remind myself everyday that I am a mom of three. Three children to look after, to love and care for. Three kids that will all call me mom.

Me and the kids

This month has been filled was so much joy and incredible challenges, but I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. With all of the challenges comes a new light and perspective on motherhood.  No one ever said motherhood was easy, especially being a mom to three. And although it isn’t easy, it’s incredibly rewarding. But it’s through those tough times that I learn the most about the person that I am and the mom that I am supposed to be.

Here are 10 things I’ve learned during this first month as a mom of three:

1.  It’s much more difficult than I thought.

I’ve always heard that the transition from two kids to three is difficult, but I chose not to believe them. I didn’t have any issues when my youngest daughter was born. I thought that three was going to be just like that, but I was wrong. Having three leaves my husband and I outnumbered. Just when I have two under control, the other one starts to do something which requires my attention. It’s hard, but so worth it!

2.  Every child is different. 

I went into the newborn stage with Macks expecting it to be similar to what I’ve gone through with my two girls, but everyday he proves that he’s different than his sisters. He likes to be held, doesn’t like the bottle, and prefers to lay on his back. These were three things that my daughters didn’t prefer. It’s so fun to see how different all three of my kids are and watch their personalities shine.

3.  There is room in my heart for more love. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I always wondered if I would love the next just as much as I loved the child before that. But the answer is and always will be yes.

4. The newborn stage is easy relative to the rest of the stages. 


If I would have only known the first time around that the newborn stage isn’t as hard as I thought it was. It definitely has it’s challenges, but in my opinion it gets more challenging as they get older. I love the newborn stage and am soaking it up for as long as it lasts.

5. I need to take time for myself.

While my days are filled with getting my older girls on their schedule and dealing with everything that comes with a newborn, I find that I have very little time to do anything for me. After a few days of doing things for everyone but yourself, it starts to get a little bit stressful. With three kids, I need my alone time more than ever. Even if it’s for a quick trip to the grocery store by myself, it gives me time to unwind and recharge.

6. I can survive on less sleep than I thought.

The lack of sleep gets easier the more children that I have. Perhaps it’s the fact that I am used to early morning wake up calls from my two little girls. I absolutely love my sleep and definitely cherish it, and I dreaded not getting as much at first, but I am happily surprised that I’ve been well off with only a few hours of sleep each night.

7. It’s important to make individual time for each child. 

I’ve always thought that taking my kids on dates is a good idea to spend alone time with them, but I am realizing it even more now. They will give me subtle hints like hopping into bed with me in the morning to cuddle or coming over to the couch to hold my hand. That’s when I know that they need me and my undivided attention.

8. Expect the unexpected.

As much as I try to stick to a schedule during the day, no day is the same. Three kids is like a juggling act. Just when I think I have one under control another one will start crying. Just the other day I put my youngest daughter down for a nap and the baby started crying. As soon as he started to cry, my daughter started to cry. So I had two kids crying uncontrollably without knowing what to do. Don’t ever think you have it figured out because they will show you very quickly that you don’t.

9. My kids will love me no matter what.

Having three makes it hard because there is only one of me and three of them. When they all need me at once, I have to prioritize and choose one, which will undoubtedly make the other two upset. But no matter how upset I might make them at the moment and how much it hurts me to do so, I know that they will always love me because I always have their best interest at heart.

10. I am great mother.

No matter how hard it gets or how defeated I may feel, deep down I’ll always know that I am a good mom to these three.


Image via Lindsey Belle Photography

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