Things I Find Myself Doing Constantly as a Mom

The list of things I need to get done in a day is rather long now that I’m a mom. If I stay organized and get my boys to bed at a reasonable time, then I am usually able to check everything off my list. I do get somewhat irritated, though, when I have to repeat a task I’ve already done. But… it’s inevitable. Such is motherhood. And it must be done, right?

Here’s what I find myself doing over and over again, as a mom:

1. One of the things I do each day more than once is pick up toys. How is it possible that my boys have SO MANY toys, even after we donated at least six big boxes full of toys the last time we moved?! Yes, I make my kiddos help, but it never seems to get done completely without me.

2. I clean up a spill at least three times a day. Today, it was popcorn all over the carpet in the boys’ room, even though they know better than to have food in their room. Oh, and an entire bag of mini marshmallows that KJ snuck out of the pantry. Not to mention the melted popsicle in the garage! Haha.

3. I can’t even tell you how many times a week I have to restart my laundry in the washer. I forget to put it in the dryer because I’m preoccupied with something else.

4. Taste-testing the food multiple times before giving it to my kids is a must. Not for the flavor but to check the temp. Especially if it was microwaved.


5. I do this weird thing where I fake online shop. For instance, I’ll get caught up imagining what my next baby will be one day… boy or girl? And then I’ll hop onto and fake shop. I’ll put a bunch of things in my cart that I know I’m not going to buy yet. I do this on clothing websites too. Strange huh? I don’t even know why I like doing this, but I do. And when I told a friend about it the other day, and it turned out she does it too! Ha! I’m not alone!

6. Speaking of being online, I check my Facebook mommy group pages multiple times a day. They are a great place for mommy tips or to read some of the mom-fail stories that will make you feel better about yourself. Hahaha.

7. I definitely say my toddlers’ middle names ALL THE TIME. This is to signify that Mommy is serious. So instead of saying “KJ” I say “Kenneth James” — and he knows I mean business. My mom did the same thing with my brother and me and it worked, so I figured I should do it too.

8. I wash my boys’ feeding sets by hand. They are totally dishwasher safe but we use them so often because they are great so I don’t always have time to wait for a whole load to be done in the dishwasher.

9. While I am so relieved to no longer change #2 diapers, I am definitely cleaning out that training potty more than once a day. Which is actually a good thing… and much easier than cleaning a messy diaper.

10. I’ve recently started saying, “No sir, not today!” to my boys. I catch myself saying it about 10 times a day when they misbehave or fight over a toy. It’s probably to the point now where it doesn’t even faze them. I am not sure the authoritative tone really works with that saying anymore.

11. I definitely buckle car seats multiple times a day. I’ve actually gotten really good at it and can do it really quickly. I truly believe keeping your child in a five-point harness system as long as you can is best, so my days of buckling and unbuckling car seats are long from over.

As exhausting as it can be to be a parent, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Repetition is rampant in mom life, but that’s okay. Each time I do the same task, I get a little bit better at it. At least this way, it’ll eventually be done correctly, right? Haha.

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