There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Grandmas

Growing up, I was jealous of my friend Kelly whose Granny lived down the street. She’d walk to her house after school, where I could imagine milk and cookies awaited her on the Formica kitchen table. Sometimes she got to spend the night there, in a bedroom painted pink just for her.

My father’s mother passed away before I was born, and although my mother’s mother was still living, she was a plane ride away in Florida. We called her every Sunday and visited occasionally but our relationship was mainly of the greeting card variety.


My own lack of a cookies-after-school grandmother has made me so grateful for my kids’ relationships with theirs. Not only do they have two very loving, very involved, and very attentive grandmas of their own, they have an extra. There’s no such thing as too many grandmas.

My friend Linda is not a blood relation but when it comes to loving children, the heart doesn’t draw family lines. I’m of the belief that kids cannot be loved too much, and the more the merrier.

Bonus grandmas can be neighbors or friends, coworkers or sweet ladies from church. They give excellent hugs and always have candy in their purses. They love hearing stories about your baby’s newest tricks and nag you to “put a heavier sweater on that child!”

They never tire of blowing bubbles and don’t mind reading your toddler’s favorite book for the one-hundredth time.

I’m grateful for all the grandmas in my children’s lives, because whether they’re bonus or blood, it’s the love that counts.

Is your baby lucky to have a bonus grandma too?


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