A Year of Baby Feet: 10 Instagrams of My Baby’s Toes

Over the past year I have taken countless photos of my littlest, many of them being on Instagram. What I have come to learn over the course of this year is that I am not the only mama who adores baby feet! There is something about 10 little tiny toes that makes hearts swell. At almost 13 months, I still can’t get enough of my Lola’s little piggies. Take a look at 10 Instagrams of my baby’s feet:

  • A Year of Baby Feet: 10 Instagrams of My Baby’s Toes

    A Year of Baby Feet: 10 Instagrams of My Baby’s Toes

    Take a look at 10 photos from the past year featuring my baby’s 10 tiny toes.

  • Just days old

    Just days old

    These little toes were just several days old and wrinkly and oh so cute.

  • Look at them!

    Look at them!

    I couldn’t help but marvel at these tiny wonders. I still do.

  • Typing toes

    Typing toes

    Lola sitting in my lap while I attempted to work. Also take note of how much chubbier her toes had become.

  • Fountain toes

    Fountain toes

    A trip to Disneyland presented a chance to let her tootsies touch the water.

  •  Sister toes

    Sister toes

    One of my all time favorite Instagrams (Ever!) — Lola and her big sister wearing their flip flops.

  • Fancy Toes

    Fancy Toes

    Lola wearing her “fancy” sandals.

  • Breakfast toes

    Breakfast toes

    In her highchair waiting for breakfast.

  •  Grassy toes

    Grassy toes

    I will never forget her face when she felt the grass touch her toes. A sweet summer memory.

  • Sandy toes

    Sandy toes

    Lola’s first time feeling the sand. Initially, she was not a fan.

  • Happy toes

    Happy toes

    A #latergram. Happy toes for a happy baby!

You can see a few more photos of Lola’s baby toes in my Instagram feed. Do you take photos of your baby’s feet?

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