The Wonderful Twos


On Monday, my little girl turned two. Oh, how I love Two. Here are my reasons as to why the Twos are not-so-terrible and actually pretty wonderful:Laughing Baby

Two is hugging and kissing the phone at the end of every conversation.

Two is a little voice from the back seat reading books.

Two is increasingly specific about what constitutes acceptable food items.

Two is more snuggly than any previous age.

Two is developing humor and hysterical giggling.

Two is asking for clapping at the completion of every tiny accomplishment.

Two is running to hide in mommy’s closet to avoid anything distasteful.

Two is obsessed with stuffeBaby Eating Cookied animals of every size and variety.

Two is throwing herself dramatically on the floor at the least upset with loud crying.

Two is a mouth full of sweet teeth.

Two is resistant to any talk about bedtime or naps, but sleeps better than ever.

Two is a love of letters and identifying them whenever and wherever possible.

Two is asking on every outing, “Mama stay? Not yeave me?”

Two is developing the ability to play independently.

Two is wildly, intensely, completely adored by her mama.

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