The Walking Dead: Precious Names for Your Darling Little Zombie Babies

I know it’s not for everyone, all the gore…blood and guts of The Walking Dead. But you GUYS?! It’s Zombie Apocalypse Week! I certainly wasn’t a fan when the show first came out. I couldn’t understand why everyone was so into it! Then…somehow, some way, I gave in.

Excellent writing, characters that pull you in, great acting and an overall compelling storyline are the leading factors in how this hot hit series became one of my own favourites to watch. And many others, if Facebook is any indication. A couple of weeks ago, everyone was all a-flutter about Breaking Bad and now we’re all (you’re NOT?!) wiggling in anticipation for the season premiere of The Walking Dead this Sunday!


If you ask me, (and you are if you’re reading this), with Hallowe’en coming up, this is the perfect time to take a gander at the seriously awesome names belonging to the characters of said gory TV show. Seriously y’all, there are some gooders in here! As you’ll soon be able to tell, I had fun with this and kept things pretty tame visually. As much fun as it is to joke around about babies and toddlers being zombies, I just couldn’t bring myself to fully zombify a picture of my sweet boy! 

  • Surprisingly (?) Awesome Names!

    Surprisingly (?) Awesome Names!

    What would Halloween be, or the season premiere of The Walking Dead for that matter…without a bunch of Lil’ Ass Kickers to celebrate it with? (Halloween for babies = good, watching The Walking Dead with them…perhaps not so much. But we can still have fun with it, right?!)

  • Andrea


    Intelligent, cautious and protective of her family!

  • Daryl Dixon

    Daryl Dixon

    This guy is a survivalist and a southerner with a tough background. Dude is a pro with the cross-bow.

  • Merle Dixon

    Merle Dixon

    Daryl’s older brother. He’s not very nice.

  • Philip

    Philip "The Governor" Blake

    I mean, you know you want to name your baby, ‘The Guv’ner.’ In the series, he is a disturbed man who is the leader of one of the last standing towns around, Woodbury. I’ve already said too much! I mean, if you’re on season 1, you’re probably think OMG what town? Nothing, move right along, nothing to see here.

  • Beth Greene

    Beth Greene

    Hershel’s younger daughter and Maggie’s younger sister.

  • Hershel Greene

    Hershel Greene

    One of my favourite characters! This guy is religious, an agricultural guru, charming, fatherly and commandeering all at once. Father to Maggie and Beth.

  • Maggie Greene

    Maggie Greene

    She’s a vet, she’s a farmer, she’s feisty. So, basically? She’s awesome.

  • Carl Grimes

    Carl Grimes

    Rick and Lori’s son, and Judith’s (Lil’ Ass Kicker!) older brother.

  • Lori Grimes

    Lori Grimes

    Rick’s wife and Carl and Judith’s mother. Lots of drama with this one!

  • Rick Grimes

    Rick Grimes

    The central character of the series, Rick is a former sheriff’s deputy in King’s County, a small Georgia town. A do-right kind of guy and a natural leader.

  • Dale Horvath

    Dale Horvath

    One wise dude.

  • Michonne


    A resourceful, self-sufficient survivor!

  • Carol Peletier

    Carol Peletier

    A kind hearted, protective mother.

  • Glenn Rhee

    Glenn Rhee

    A compassionate guy and an excellent scavenger.

  • Sasha


    A tough young woman and little sister to Tyreese.

  • Bob Stookey

    Bob Stookey

    An army medic. Before the zombie apocalypse started, of course.

  • Tyreese


    One of ‘The Governor’s’ guards, but not for long!

  • Shane Walsh

    Shane Walsh

    Rick’s partner back when they were wearing badges in a small Georgian town. Part of the Lori drama. No spoilers from me if you plan on getting into the series!

  • Amy


    A college kid and a recurring character, sister of lead character Andrea.

  • Jacqui


    Former employee at the Atlanta City Zoning Office.

  • Jim


    A mechanic from a large family in Atlanta. Poor Jim.

  • Morales


    We only know this guy by his last name. A level-headed and devoted family man.

  • Miranda


    Wife to Morales. I just love this name.

  • Ed Peletier

    Ed Peletier

    Carol’s husband and Sophia’s father. Not a nice guy in the least.

  • Sophia Peletier

    Sophia Peletier

    Carol and Ed Peletier’s 12-year-old daughter. A sweet, brave young girl.

  • T-Dog!


    Okay, you’re probably not going to name your kid this — but the notion is kind of fun, am I right?

  • Jimmy


    An eager young man, perhaps a little too much so.

  • Nelly


    Hershel Greene’s horse, also known as ‘Blade.’

  • Otis


    Hershel Greene’s ranch hand.

  • Patricia


    A classic name! Wife to Otis with limited medical skills.

  • Andrew


    Andrew is a criminal doing time and the causing demise of many.

  • Axel


    C’mon. You know you love this name, no? Axel is another inmate survivor who was jailed for armed robbery. The kindest of the inmates.

  • Oscar


    A cool middle name, yeah? Oscar, even though he’s an inmate — soon becomes a vital member of the group and demonstrates proficiency in killing walkers, as well as a fondness for bedroom slippers.

  • Tomas


    I like how this name is pronounced. TOE-MAS. The leader of the five inmate-survivors at the prison, he’s feared by the others.

  • Crowley


    An unique name, Crowley is one of The Governor’s enforcers.

  • Haley


    One of The Governor’s wall guards for the zombie-free town he runs, Woodbury.

  • Karen


    Another female wall-enforcer! Fem-power!

  • Ceasar Martinez

    Ceasar Martinez

    The Governor’s most trusted enforcer after his other right-hand (won’t say who!) defects.

  • Paul


    A poor unfortunate soul. What? I had to admit it about someone!

  • Penny Blake

    Penny Blake

    Love, love, love this name. It was on our short-list along with Maggie. In the show, Penny is someone’s (SO CAN’T SAY WHO! SPOILER!) zombified daughter, whom is kept locked in a closet.

  • Eileen


    A pregnant Woodbury resident.

  • Milton Mamet

    Milton Mamet

    A scientist who serves as one of The Governor’s right-hand men.

  • Rowan


    Ah! Another short-list name of mine, this time being on the gender-neutral list! In the series, Rowan is a Woodbury resident who may or may not have a thing for the Governor.

  • Felipe


    A tough-guy nurse practitioner at the retirement home. That’s right.

  • Judith Grimes

    Judith Grimes

    My favourite!

  • Guillermo


    What a name! Associate to Felipe (nursing home), protector of the elderly.

  • Dr. Edwin Jenner

    Dr. Edwin Jenner

    The last surviving staff pathologist at the Atlanta CDC! Working with surviving samples of infected tissue, he attempts to create a possible cure to Zombification. Does he do it?!?! Watch to find out!

I tried to give you a taste of what the characters are about without revealing too many spoilers. If you’d like to learn the traditional definitions and origins of the names herein, check out the link below!

And if you need more naming inspiration, try BabyZone’s baby name finder!

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