The Toddler and the Newborn: A Big Sister Love Story

Once upon a time, just a few months ago, a sweet little girl met her baby sister. It was to be expected that it would be love at first sight, as the little girl had been anticipating the arrival of said new baby sister for a long time. She had heard a baby was coming, though perhaps she didn’t fully understand what that meant. After all, in her world, she was still Mama’s baby.

The Toddler and The Newborn, a Big Sister Love story


Zaynab welcomed Amani into our family and into her arms immediately upon meeting her. She was completely enamored by the real life doll before her eyes. She smothered her in hugs and kisses and even more kisses. Through my pregnancy, it was always Zaynab by my side, talking away in her toddler gibberish. Zaynab was known to talk to my tummy and fall asleep on my baby bump. It only seemed natural that Zaynab hasn’t left Amani’s side since she’s been born. Almost like long lost twins.

Everywhere Amani is, Zaynab is there. Everything Amani is doing, Zaynab wants to help. Whatever Amani’s eating, well, Zaynab just sits close by for snuggles. Her actions are not out of jealousy, but out of pure love. She can’t get enough of her baby sister!

It’s been so sweet to watch the bond between these girls grow. Zaynab has grown to become such a caring, loving big sister. You can see the love Amani has for Z as her eyes light up when Zaynab makes her smile.

I can’t wait to see these two interact as they grow. Secrets will be shared. Giggles will be had. Memories will be made. These two, sisters and best friends.

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