The Third Time Around

Margot has officially passed the 1 week mark, and let me tell you what a week it has been! This being our third baby, we pretty much knew what to expect. From recovering from childbirth to a newborn’s sleeping and eating patterns, we’ve done this before. I will say that this time around has been different, though. Here’s what I’ve learned the third time around…

Newborns are a lot easier than you think. Seriously, Margot sleeps most of the time. Even though she wakes up every 2-3 hours to nurse, she hasn’t been difficult at all. Sleeping, eating, and pooping is her jam. She’s basically on repeat, which makes it easy on us.

Helping our older children adjust has been difficult. We have a 3 year-old and a 2 year-old. While they have been awesome with their new baby sister, they’ve also been fighting for attention. Their fits and emotions have been pretty challenging to work through – especially with little sleep.


You actually can function on no sleep. Somehow as parents, we develop these superpowers and are able to function and take care of our household with little to no rest. While I’d appreciate some more sleep, I’m thankful we’re still able to function during the day.

Nursing is much easier when you’ve done it before. Oh my goodness, nursing has been so much less stressful. Since I’ve done it twice before, I knew what to expect this time around and even knew how to troubleshoot when we were having latch issues the first few days.

You can’t do it alone. With our other girls, I think we were a bit proud and wanted to prove to the world that we could do it alone. But the truth is, we need help. Friends and family have graciously brought us meals and occasionally taken care of our older girls. My husband has been awesome about helping in the night, too. It takes a village and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There’s nothing like a newborn baby. Okay, so I knew this one already. But seriously, there is nothing like a fuzzy-headed, warm and cozy newborn babe. Even though it’s hard and we’re getting no sleep, it’s completely worth it. Every time I see her little face I just about want to cry because she’s mine and she is amazing.


What about you? What realizations did you come

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