The Sweetest Sentimental Sweater Set Story

Every so often, a mother has the incredible foresight to create something so special and heartfelt for her child. She understands the sentimental value is actually priceless and will be cherished for years to come.

My cousin recently posted a picture of her nephew and father wearing matching sweaters that her mother had originally made for her son and husband 25 years ago. Imagine the joy that filled Mom’s heart when she saw her first grandson wear the sweater she had made for her first son all those years ago! The constant factor being her husband, now a grandfather, that still fit in his sweater! Way to go, Grandpa!

In fact mom had such wonderful foresight, that she created two identical adult sweaters, one for her husband and one for her grown son.

  • The Sweetest Sweater Set

    The Sweetest Sweater Set

    Take a look at how one mother’s loving handmade gift for her son and husband, became a heirloom they will treasure for generations.

  • Son


    20+ years ago, this little cutie sported this sweater, completely oblivious to the tradition he was starting.

  • Grandson


    20 years later, this sweet toddler dons the sweater originally made for his father!

  • Father and Son

    Father and Son

    The sweater comes full circle when Father and Son wear the same sweaters that Grandpa and Son had originally worn 20+ years ago!

  • Grandfather and Grandson

    Grandfather and Grandson

    I can only imagine that Grandpa is reliving the moments of carrying his little son as he sees his grandson wear the same sweater that his oldest son wore all those years ago.

  • Family Threads

    Family Threads

    Three sweaters, three generations!

    Grandma created such a beautiful tradition that will be treasured and cherished for years to come.

Who knew something as simple as sweaters could provide such beautiful memories for Grandma and Grandpa? A new tradition has been created for the new mom and dad! And for many more generations to come!

I love that the sweaters were created in a gorgeous classic style that still look modern and fresh today. A great tip if you want to attempt this with your child, avoid trendy! Your future grandchild may not be be excited about the then dated attire.


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