The Strangest Thing Someone Has Said About Beck


From the moment you’re pregnant strangers seem to feel the need to make random comments. Whether it be about the size of your belly or asking if it’s a boy or girl, there’s something about a pregnant woman that draws the remarks in. And it doesn’t change at all once the baby is born, in fact the amount of approaches from strangers throughout the day sky rockets once you have a cute companion with you. So this first year I feel like I’ve heard it all. Luckily there haven’t been any cases of mistaken gender but there was one comment that has stuck with me merely because it was so strange. During a trip to New York City when Beck was 7 months, my friend and I were having breakfast and a waiter approached to admire our children. And then these words escaped his mouth:

“They’re so little, their fontanelles haven’t even closed yet.” Strange, right? It wasn’t offensive or rude, just nothing I’ve ever heard before and I doubt I’ll ever hear it again.

So what’s the strangest thing someone has said about your child?

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