The Story of My Family

It’s always a great time to reflect. I was thinking about how my family has gone from one to five in a short amount of time (seven if you count our furry babies) and what an amazing journey it has been.

I have wanted to be a mama for as long as I can remember, and becoming a mom has truly given me purpose and happiness that I never knew was possible.

These are the people that make me tick! It’s nice to meet you!

  • from 1 to 5

    My Family: From One to Five

  • we meet.

    We Meet

    At 22 years old, I met my husband. The man of my dreams and my best friend. We see life the same way.

  • June 16

    June 16

    We got married on June 16 and it was magical!

  • journey begins

    Journey Begins

    Our journey begins! Can you see the happiness in my smile? True bliss.

  • 2 dogs

    Two Dogs

    As newlyweds we added another pup to the family! Chris had Macy while we were dating, so once we tied the knot, we added little Ellie!

  • A Little Artsy

    A Little Artsy

    We opened up our art studio for kids, A Little Artsy!

  • Aiden.


    We found out that we were expecting our first child! The one who would make us parents. I was glowing. We found out it was a little boy and we were thrilled! Already so many dreams for this little one.

  • March 22

    March 22

    On March 22 we had our little Aiden. He came at 36 weeks and had a short NICU stay. My heart experienced for the first time what being a mom felt like. It’s something that can’t be described. It’s beautiful.

  • artsy


    At first we took him with us to the studio daily. It was lovely having my little heartbeat by my side daily. Then after a few months I decided to work from home and let teachers take over my position at our studio!

  • first Christmas

    First Christmas

    We had our first Christmas as parents! (Don’t worry he isn’t really hanging there — thank you Photoshop!)

  • a big brother

    A Big Brother

    Aiden was going to be a big brother! We were thrilled! They would be 18 months apart and the daydreams began!

  • road trip

    Road Trip

    We took our first and last road trip as a family of three! We drove from Texas to Florida and Aiden did fabulous.

  • it's a girl!

    It's a Girl!

    We found out we were having a sweet baby girl and decided to name her Ainsleigh Kate!

  • baby shower

    Baby Shower

    A few weeks before Ainsleigh’s arrival my dearest friends and family gave me a baby shower!

  • she is coming

    She is Coming

    The day before I went into labor, my husband took this picture!

  • a family of 4

    A Family of Four

    Our sweet girl arrived and we became a family of four! She was such a sweet bundle! A true treasure to be celebrated.

  • early bird

    Early Bird

    Ainsleigh also came at 36 weeks and was also in the NICU for a short time before she came home.

  • Ainsleigh's first Christmas

    Ainsleigh's First Christmas

    We celebrated Ainsleigh’s first Christmas! It was double the fun with two of them around now!

  • summertime


    Our sweet Aiden was a “fish” for the summer! We lived at the pool and in the local fountains! Texas is HOT in the summer and so staying cool in the water is a must!

  • playtime at the park

    Playtime at the Park

    Ainsleigh was growing so much and absolutely fell in love with walking down to the park to play and feed the ducks!

  • little beauty

    Little Beauty

    It was so fun to see the difference in Aiden and Ainsleigh. The difference in little boys and little girls. We love to embrace their differences!

  • 28


    I turned 28 and had a year ahead filled with love!

  • change


    My little guy started to grow and change so much! He was changing from a baby to a big boy before my very eyes!

  • California


    We went as a family to California for two months (for my husband’s work) and I found out that I was expecting another little one! We were thrilled!

  • sisters


    Another girl! Sisters! We couldn’t have been more excited!

  • ready to juggle 3

    Ready to Juggle Three

    As Aiden and Ainsleigh got older, I felt more and more confident that I could juggle three little ones!

  • big girl

    Big Girl

    Sweet Ainsleigh also started to transform before my eyes! A little baby to such a big girl. It’s truly beautiful to watch your little ones grow and change.

  • Apple


    Our sweet Apple was born. Three kids, three and under. Constant fun and love!

  • today


    And here we are today! A family of five (or seven)! Happy as can be!

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