The Story of Beck’s First Ice Cream Cone

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I admit it, I’m snap happy. And with my somewhat recent adoption of an iPhone, the amount of Beck photos accumulated in a day is off the charts. I’m not apologizing for this fact, I’m simply stating it. He is my first child and it’s every parent’s right to take as many photos of their children as they want. The only problem I face now is organizing them in a meaningful way (physical scrapbooking is out of the question, there’s no way I have time for that). So I was happy to try out the newly released Disney Story app and see my series of consecutive shots of Beck devouring his first ice cream cone come to life. My favorite shot is him being disgusted by the temperature of his treat.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out how self explanatory the app is and put together my first story in just a few minutes. And I love that it’s easy to share. While I can always send my mom photo after photo of Beck, I know she’ll enjoy seeing the story unfold in this simple format. Now where’s my phone? I have pictures to take!

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