Do You Believe in Mother’s Intuition?

I’ll admit it: Before I had children of my own, the idea of “mother’s instinct” or “maternal intuition” sounded a bit like New Age hocus-pocus. I’d heard stories of moms inexplicably getting an unexplainable feeling- a gut instinct that something wasn’t quite right. The notion that mothers had a sixth sense like that was just not something I accepted.

But that was before I had children of my own.


Motherhood isn’t based on logic. It lives beyond that realm, spills out of the edges of what’s reasonable to believe. Think about it for a moment: Have you ever woken in the night with a feeling in the pit of your stomach, only to find that your child was sick in bed? Have you ever had to advocate for your child when you just felt that a doctor was missing something? Or have you pressed a child for answers when you knew there had to be more to the story than he was giving you?

That’s the gift of intuition, and as mothers, we’re pros.

Along the way in my own journey of motherhood, I’ve had more instances of intuition than I can count:

My sense that something was “off” with a childcare provider.

The way I just knew during pregnancies that my son was a boy and that my daughter was a girl.

The not-so-gentle nudging to keep my son in preschool another year, even though he’d already turned 5.

In motherhood, the stakes are high. We’re doing the sacred work of caring for little people, the work of keeping them safe, healthy and happy. We rely on all of the gifts we’re given, and are guided by feelings as well as facts.

Mother’s intuition has served me well. Do you believe?

Image: Adrian Dressler/Flickr

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