When Your Second Baby Learns to Crawl

My baby just learned to crawl this month, and I’m so relieved.

Because her older sister could walk all over the place, Ani wasCrawler incredibly frustrated by her lack of mobility, and would work herself into an anxious weepy mess because she was stuck wherever I’d put her down.

Now that she can crawl after Ella or retrieve a toy that is just out of reach, she’s much more pleasant and able to entertain herself (not to mention, keep up with her big sister).

I know lots of parents are ecstatic about that milestone for their first baby, but then with their second baby want to postpone that mobility as long as possible. For me, though, it was the opposite. I knew once Ella was mobile, it’d change my life a lot.

With Ani, though, I already had a child who could move around at will, grab things off shelves, and quickly identify anything not child-proofed in my home. So, her mobility wasn’t a worry to me.

Were you excited about your second child learning to crawl or did you dread it?

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