The Road to Adoption: A Series

As I mentioned in this post, my husband and I are in the early stages of pursuing adoption. And because adoption is a whirlwind of emotion and a tornado of paperwork, I’m preparing to blog honestly about our experience – the goods, the bads, the struggles and the celebrations. If you’re at all interested in adoption – either international or domestic – please follow along!

Before I dive in, I want to be clear: this is uncharted territory for our family. I’m blogging in the trenches, in real time – not writing from an arrival point and looking fondly on the past process. This is the process. We’re in it now, and we’ll be processing our feelings and thoughts and ideas as we go. There’s no fancy editorial calendar, no roadmap. Just real life, real feelings and a realllllly intimidating road ahead.



When my husband and I first married, it took only a matter of days before he brought up the idea of adoption. He’d visited Kenya during college to film a documentary – a life-changing trip for him – and encountered a strong desire to help the most struggling children he’d ever seen in the children’s ward of Kenyatta National Hospital.

For me, it took a bit longer. Unlike most girls I know, I didn’t have my life trajectory planned out to align with a two children, one dog, white picket fence story. I hadn’t really considered future plans or goals and was content to enjoy life in the moment as best as I could. We agreed to chat about adoption someday, and as the years passed by, “someday” seemed to fade into the mundane responsibilities of today.

Yet shortly after the birth of Bee, I realized my capacity to love a child. It was a love I couldn’t explain – grueling and fierce and deep – and I knew it had nothing to do with genetics or biology or chromosomes. I knew I could love any child with that same depth, and I knew I could fight to do it.

And so, here we go…

Tell me, for those who have considered adoption, how did you know it was right for you and your family? I’d love to hear!

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