The Reemergence of the Swaddle


As a newborn my little Lola was not a fan of being swaddled. We would wrap her up tightly and she would grunt and squirm almost always managing to get her little arms free. We continued to try swaddling to help her sleep ultimately deciding that maybe it just wasn’t for her. At one point we even did our own variation, often wrapping her leaving her tiny arms free.
Swaddling an Older Baby
Months later I shared with my best friend how irritable Lola had seemed lately. It was if she was tired but just couldn’t rest her body. She shared with me her experience with her own child and after noting that every child is different suggested that we give swaddling another try. That day I did and it worked. Lola didn’t sleep long but she seemed more relaxed and less irritable.

While it doesn’t always work I have found that this older version of my baby is a fan of the swaddle. Through this I was reminded of the fact that just as my likes and dislikes may change from time to time so does my baby’s. One day she may love something and the next she may not.

I’m learning not to count things out for good just because it didn’t work out the first time or the second time.  It’s ok to reintroduce things down the road. While I knew this to be the case with baby food I didn’t take it into consideration when it came to other things. If you do try again and  it doesn’t work that’s ok but you might be surprised that your baby is now soothed by the very thing that made them squirm weeks or months prior.

So here we are 8 months since we first brought her home, sometimes swaddling and sometimes not. Learning that when given the opportunity oftentimes Lola will let us know exactly what it is she needs whether it be her wrapped up like a burrito or her arms and legs sprawled out and free.

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