The Picky Eater Dilemma

A lot of times here at Disney Baby, I am sharing advice. I’ve learned some things in my 20 months of motherhood, and if I can share some of those things with you and help make your life easier, even just the slightest bit, I’m grateful — but lest you forget I am still braving some unchartered territory myself. I have never had a 20-month-old before and as such, am dealing with figuring out how to handle the new challenges that have developed. Namely: the picky eater dilemma.

The Picky Eater Dilemma


A little background: Fern has never been big on veggies. I can’t say it’s entirely her fault though. You know all those studies that talk about how your baby’s taste preferences are determined by what you eat during pregnancy? Well, I’ve never been a huge vegetable lover, but during pregnancy I detested any and all vegetables. I definitely ate as much as I could stomach for her health, but honestly I couldn’t stand them. Veggies were definitely my pregnancy food aversion. Fast forward to now and my kid won’t even touch them.

For a while, I was getting away with hiding veggies in smoothies or throwing some spinach in with scrambled eggs and cheese, and veggies in pasta (as long as the sauce was good!) would sometimes fly. But basically the only things she’s willing to eat these days are:

-Those fruit and veggie pouches (a good option, but these get so expensive!)

-Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (thankfully on wheat bread since she doesn’t really know what white bread is yet)

-Pasta (she eats around the veggies mostly though)

-Smoothies and eggs on very rare occasions

-Finger foods (olives, pickles, raisins, Cheerios…)

-And obviously any type of sweet treat, though these rarely happen, because she would never eat anything else.

Also, she wants to do everything herself, so trying to feed her doesn’t work, which means she mostly ends up playing with her food and not really actually eating it. A lot of parents have suggested the “try a bite” method, but I’m having a really hard time grasping how that works for people. It’s great in theory, but my daughter literally clenches her jaw shut, and there’s no way I would be able to get any food in her mouth short of shoving it in, which obviously isn’t happening.

HELP! How do you guys get your picky toddlers to eat?

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