The Perfect Toothbrush for Toddlers

My son’s feelings towards getting his teeth brushed has been a poor one until recently when it occurred to me that he was old enough to do it himself. Giving your toddler the opportunity to try things on their own and test their independence can do wonders with their attitude! This I now know.

During a recent grocery store run, I picked up a new toothbrush for my boy and opted for this cute Winnie the Pooh Brush by Oral B. Both of my daughters used one that was either identical or very similar as I remember they were shaped with the same oval brush and featured Winnie on the handle.

To say my son was thrilled with his new brush would be an understatement. He felt so proud standing on a step stool at the sink and mimicking his sisters and we haven’t had any issues with brushing his teeth since! All thanks to a new toothbrush.

How old was your toddler when he began using a toothbrush independently (with supervision of course!)?

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