8 Times Mary Poppins Was Right About Parenthood!

Even 50 years later, Mary Poppins is chock full of parenting wisdom. Here are my favorite 8 Mary Poppins quotes that are practically perfect in every way when it comes to parenting!

  • 50 Years of Practically Perfect Wisdom

    Practically Perfect Wisdom

    While Mary Poppins may have only just been the nanny to Mr. and Mrs. Banks’ children, she was a repository of wonderful advice for all parents.

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  • "Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down"

    Now that Judah’s eating solid foods, mealtime is so much fun – and messy! We hope that Judah grows up to be a foodie just like his Mom and Dad, so we’re trying to keep positive attitudes and open minds about everything he eats, so that he cultivates healthy eating habits as he grows older.

  • "Well Begun Is Half Done"

    Otherwise titled "Let's Tidy up the Nursery." It's true, you don't need a million things for your little one, but try telling that to eager grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends! We find that just a little bit of tidying up when we can makes a huge difference over the course of the day.

  • "Never Judge Things By Their Appearance"

    The world is so exciting and wondrous for Judah: everything is new, big and bold. It’s so important to me as a parent that I leave my ego and bias at the door, to try and look at the world the way he sees it, to help Judah shape his own opinions about the world for himself.

  • "Supercali-fragilistic-expiali-docious!"

    Probably the most famous word from Mary Poppins but it embodies all the silliness and spontaneity of parenting. I sing silly songs all day long to Judah, to break up the routine and turn even something as simple as a diaper change into something a little more magical. And even when I’m just singing nonsense, I know it brings a great big smile to Judah’s face!

  • "Let's Go Fly a Kite, Up to the Highest Height!"

    Judah has a whole set of giggles specifically reserved for the moments when we toss him up, his own mini-thrill ride. It’s like magic: smiles and giggles abound with something as simple as quickly lifting him in the air for a moment. It’s been a helpful trick in many a “cranky baby” situations.

  • "And Snap! The Job's a Game"

    Parenting is hard work… so why not make it fun when you can? Even bedtime can turn into a fun game, like in this picture: Staring Contest with Dad! (Dad usually wins simply because Judah has a tendency to tip over when sitting.)

  • "Now the qualifications. Item one: a cheery disposition. I am never cross. Item two: rosy cheeks... obviously."

    There’s something powerful about approaching even the most tiresome of days with as positive an outlook as possible. The payoff? The smile or giggle that seems to say, “Thanks for hanging in there with me.”

  • "Practically Perfect in Every Way"

    This Mary Poppins quote sums up just about everything I feel about parenting. Notice how she doesn’t just say “perfect in every way” – the “practically” is a hugely important modifier in her sentence. There are ups, downs and all-arounds when it comes to parenting, but it’s immensely special moments, like this one, that make every moment worth it. I’m hardly a perfect mom, but I take each day as it comes with as positive an attitude as I can to help Judah grow up to be an awesome little boy!

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