The Older Sister Paparazzi

I feel like there’s a lot of discussion about how photographed children are today (what with nearly every phone being equipped with a camera), and digital camera making photos basically free to take once you own the camera.

And I’m certainly one of those moms with thousands of photos of my children, from a regular evening at home in the bathtub to a first trip to meet grandparents.

What I didn’t expect was that my older daughter, who is only two herself, would want to be part of capturing all the minutea of Ani’s young life.

Last week, we were just hanging around in the family room and Ani was looking particularly darling, so I pulled out the camera to get a couple of shots:

  • Mama Shots

    Mama Shots

    I got a couple of decent pictures of my sweet baby.

  • Ella Asks for a Turn

    Ella Asks for a Turn

    As soon as she saw the camera, Ella dashed into my bedroom and grabbed the tripod, then (semi) patiently waited until I was done. Then she was ready for her turn at the camera.

  • Blurry


    After Ella snapped about 30 pictures, I thought maybe I should take a look. Kind of blurry.

  • Hands


    I think baby hands are very sweet. And of course, I think my OWN baby’s hands are the sweetest. But I’m not sure I need 40 identical photos of them.

  • Face


    I finally adjusted the tripod so the pictures would be of Ani’s face. Five minutes later, I had 185 photos. Now I have to figure out what to do with them. . .


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