The New Mom Workout

Come January, everyone starts talking resolutions. And if exercising is on your list, I say give yourself a pat on the back. Because as a parent of a little one, you’re already doing some pretty physical, hard work. Even if you don’t realize it.

Here’s what I like to call The New Mom Workout. (Though my youngest is already 20 months, and the workout has just evolved over time…)

  • Infant Seat Curls

    Infant Seat Curls

    From the moment you leave the hospital, you’re hauling around more than a baby. That car seat is heavy. And awkward. And ever present. Breathe. Lift. Breathe. Lift.

  • "Wind" Sprints

    They scream, we come a-runnin’. All day, every day. Without a moment’s notice. Now those are some impressive reflexes!

  • Twist, Pat, Rock, Repeat

    Twist, Pat, Rock, Repeat

    When it comes to getting baby to sleep, there’s no limit to the side twists, rocking, and bouncing we will do. Just think of the calories burned!

  • Up, Down, Up, Down...

    Up, Down, Up, Down...

    From airplane to pony rides to oopsies to tickle fights, that baby is up, down, and all around each and every day. Flexibility at its best, my friends.

  • Weight Training

    Weight Training

    Front, back, side — wherever you’re carrying your baby, that’s no easy task. Stand tall, and proud.

  • Snap & Release

    Snap & Release

    Getting Baby in that just-right position, then running to get the perfect shot, well, that takes coordination, balance, and speed. Take that, trainers.

  • Squat & Stretch

    Squat & Stretch

    Once Baby’s eating, there’s no place food doesn’t land. Come clean up, you’ll be squatting, stretching, and shimmying all over the place.

  • Push It

    Push It

    Whether you’re pushing Baby on the swing at the park, or rolling around on the floor at home, keeping up with a little one’s demands is hard core.

  • Army Crawl

    Army Crawl

    Through the tunnel, around the living room, into the bath. Mobile babies make for mobile moms.

What do you think is the most physical part of being a new parent?

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