The Most Important Thing to Do After Your Disney Vacation

Planning for our first family Disney vacation was a big deal for me. 

First of all, I had never even been to Disney myself as a kid, so in a way, I was reliving the magic that I never got to experience through my children’s eyes.

Second of all, my daughters, especially the older one, were at the peak of their princess years–they loved everything Cinderella and I couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when we met their princess idols.

And last of all, my girls, excited as they were, were still pretty young for this trip–at only two and four, I was worried that they would never remember their Disney trip of a lifetime.

So I made sure to do this one very important thing after our trip. 

After we landed (and I unpacked four suitcases and did 120 loads of laundry), I packed the girls back up and headed to our local store, where I made a very big deal out of letting them pick out one special post-trip item:

A scrapbook!

I knew that someday, the memories of our magical Disney trip would fade and because I didn’t want that to happen, I decided to extend our vacation fun into a post-trip scrapbook. Along the way during our trip, I made sure to save small mementos, like our room keys, dinner menu from our Cinderella character encounter, and even our wristbands.

And then after they picked out their scrapbook (purple, sparkly), I let them go crazy in the scrapbook supply aisle. Stickers, glitter, fun patterned pages, and all the glue sticks their hearts could desire.

We had so much fun making the scrapbook together–the girls picked out their favorite memories and I got to see the trip from their eyes all over again. It was such a special memory to me, and even today, two years later, we are able to pull out our scrapbook and relive all the fun we had together.

And incredibly, my girls seem to not have forgotten a single memory.

Maybe there is some truth to that Disney magic stuff after all?

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