20 Color-Inspired Baby Names for Girls

Spring is here, and that means that soon there will be a rainbow of flowers blooming everywhere you go. If you love the colors of spring, perhaps you should consider one of these colorful baby names. Colorful names are gaining popularity, so any of these options would be great for a first or middle name. See what strikes your fancy!

  • Amber


    Amber is warm, golden tone. This name makes me think of honey.

  • Blue


    With fun spelling options like blue, blu, or bleu this name rose to popularity recently after a celebrity baby was given this colorful name.

  • Coral


    Coral is a peachy orange and pink tone and makes me think of peaceful oceans and seashells.

  • Crystal


    Crystal makes me think of sparkling and twinkling glass. It’s a pretty name for a little girl.

  • Ebony


    Ebony is a rich black color. It makes me think of midnight or dark stone.

  • Gray


    I think the name Gray is so very cool. It also happens to work as a middle name with a lot of name combinations. Try it out!

  • Hazel


    That in between, ever changing, warm tone of eyes that can’t decide if they are green or brown, this name would be super cute.

  • Indigo


    Indigo would be a strong name, but that’s okay because it’s also a strong color.

  • Jade


    Jade, a rich and green gemstone, makes me think of countrysides and luxury.

  • Olive


    Olive is an adorable name, and a pretty muted green color.

  • Raven


    Rich and dark, Raven has an air of mystery and magic to it, don’t you think?

  • Rose


    A soft and dusty pink shade, Rose has a vintage quality and would be a sweet name for a little girl.

  • Ruby


    Ruby red, a slightly berry inspired shade of rich red named after the gemstone, this name is cute but has a richness to it.

  • Sable


    Sable is basically a shade of black. I love the sound of it though and I thought you might too.

  • Sage


    Names for the dusty, soft green colored herb, Sage is a name with an organic quality. I kind of adore it.

  • Scarlett


    Bright and shining red, Scarlett is not to be overlooked.

  • Sienna


    A burnt orange and brown shade, Sienna has a natural feel and pretty ring to it.

  • Skye


    Carefree, airy, and cheery, Skye makes me think of pretty pale blue hues and little girls in pigtails.

  • Sterling


    Shiny and metallic silver, Sterling is a great name for a little man with a shining future.

  • Violet


    Rich purple with a hint of blue, Violet is a lovely name for a little girl that makes me think of pretty little flowers.

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