The One Thing Most Pregnant Women Can Agree On

I have to say, I love being pregnant. I really miss it. I had some complications this last pregnancy which threw us a curve ball or two, but regardless, growing a little life inside of you — is there anything sweeter?


And with the growth of a little life, there are body changes. A lot of body changes. We all change differently, but one thing that most pregnant women can agree on is: the maxi skirt.
the maxi skirt & pregnancy

I think that I spent the entire last three months of my pregnancy in the same two maxi skirts. They are so stretchy and comfortable. Perfect for that third trimester! Especially as a mama chasing around two toddlers with a big growing belly, the maxi skirt was fabulous!

So if you are waddling through the supermarket with kiddos in tow or dressing up for a date night out with your man, this a definite must for your pregnancy wardrobe. Plus, maxi skirts can be found for great prices (which is always a plus)!

The maxi skirt can be worn with sandals and a tank top in the hot summer months or with boots and a sweater in the winter. It’s the perfect “go to” pregnancy item that can be dressed up or dressed down for any occasion while attempting to “style your bump.”

Do you have any “go to” wardrobe items for when you are pregnant? I would love to hear!

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