The Many Blankets of Bee

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about parenting, it’s that it really and truly and most definitely takes a village: of friends, of family… and of blankets.


Bee is sixteen months now and totes around her fair share of odd things around our house (I’m still trying to figure out how she got her hands on my gardening gloves!), but top of the list these days is her faithful entourage of blankets. “Bay-kettes” (as she calls them) line our hallways, our floors, our cars – forever ready to be transformed into a snuggly sleeper, an impromptu Peek-a-Boo game or an inspired, oh-so-fashion-forward skirt for the dog.

There’s her plush blankie, perfect for afternoon snuggles and faraway dreaming. There’s her miniature “Lovie,” an easy choice for keeping her cozy and secure during trips to the grocery. There’s her reversible blanket, which has been used for everything from play mats to fort-building materials to hide-and-seek playtime. And there’s the old swaddle blanket she sleeps with – no longer swaddling her tiny body, but still close to her heart.

And although it makes for an awful lot of laundry in our house, her many blankets are teaching a valuable lesson: that no matter where she goes, she’ll be wrapped in the fabric of family, threaded with love.

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