The Magical Moments of Motherhood via Surrogacy: The Maybe Baby

As the weeks tick down closer to the arrival of our son, I find myself drawn to new moms. I can’t wait to experience the wonder of new motherhood through my own eyes and experience and yet, I’m drawn to seeing how other new moms experience their own joy and wonder at their new arrivals.

I’ve been following M’s story of motherhood via surrogacy at The Maybe Baby and was thrilled to learn we were just a few months apart and that she too would be having a son. Now that her BBB (Big Baby Boy) is here and M has begun to settle into life as a new mom, I took a few minutes to chat with her in between diapers, feedings and new baby bliss about the magical moments of motherhood.

New Motherhood Magical Moments

Photos used with permission from The Maybe Baby.

What was it like to be present for the birth of your son?
In a word, amazing. I will never forget the sight of my son’s head emerging or the sound of my son’s first squeal, because it triggered a world of joy and relief in me. Our gestational surrogate went through labor and delivery with such grace and focus. She made it look almost easy. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing.


Our gestational surrogate’s labor was gently induced to ensure we could be present for the birth; we live fifteen hours away. Her husband was by her side, coaching and encouraging her. We were near the foot of the bed, ready to “catch” our son. We had discussed logistics with her and her doctor ahead of time so by the time it was “go” time, we all knew where to be and who would be doing what. Even with all the logistics, I was too busy crying when it was my time to wrap the baby and keeping him warm.

Love and admiration and gratitude is what I feel when I think back to his birth.

What was that moment like when you first got to hold him?
Indescribable. He was in my arms seconds after he was born. All squishy and red. And beautiful. I think I’m still a little stunned that he’s actually here.

How’s the new dad?
A natural! One of the best parts of having a son is watching my husband be a father. There’s nothing he won’t do, and he’s kind of claimed the diaper changes as “his” thing. No complaints here!

What amazes you the most about your son already?
That he’s here! His range of expressions. His cry. His gestures… even if these are all gas-related. His endurance. We traveled through six states to bring him home and he was a champ. The way his worried look so much resembles his father’s. His resemblance to our daughters.

Every single piece of him is amazing.

Happy Birth Day

Thank you, M for sharing such intimate, magical details about the arrival of BBB! You can read more about BBB’s birth story and M’s incredible journey to new motherhood at The Maybe Baby.

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