The Magic of the Holidays

Christmas is over and soon we’ll be taking down our tree, putting away the Christmas CDs and books, and resuming normal life.

But I don’t want to forget how magical this year was, with our two little girls.

My husband was home, so we had plenty of time to spend as a family. My in-laws came out and we enjoyed the week before Christmas with the grandparents.

Every gift, no matter how small, delighted them. Whether it was a pack of gum or a pair of socks, they were thrilled.

They thought the Christmas tree was absolutely delightful. My three-year-old considered plugging in the lights her job, while my one-year-old thought it was her responsibility to carefully remove the ornaments and scatter them around the house.


We made sugar cookies one day (I used pre-made dough to make my life a little easier), and they thought it was the best thing ever, both the cutting out and the eating.

Someday, my girls will be older and less interested in snuggling with me on the couch while we read books by the light of the tree. Someday, they won’t be ecstatic over a tube of bubble gum chapstick or wear matching jammies.

Matching Jammies

This year, I’m treasuring up what a sweet and innocent Christmas season we had.


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