The Magic of Nana

One of the most magical parts of motherhood has been watching my mother interact with her grandchildren. I’ve written about the fact that I imagine the way my mother’s eyes light up when she looks at my children accomplish milestones and dance in their childhoods, mirrors the way it did when she watched me do those very things as a little girl.

I wonder if the sweet baby smell and the way Lola’s tiny lips lean close when she asks for a kiss, takes her back to the days when the sweet baby smell and tiny lips belonged to my brother and to me.


And then I wonder how I got to be so blessed as to get a glimpse into the past; a glimpse I see each time my mom walks into the room and her eyes meet the eyes of her grandbaby. I watch Lola’s face light up and her arms reach for her nana. I watch as her nana reaches back.

Some days I will slip away to work for a few moments. In the other room I hear my mom talking to her grandbaby in her singsong voice. “How big is the baby?,” she asks. If I peek my head around the corner I will see Lola thrust her hands into the air while my mom concurrently says, “This big!” Lola’s grinning — all of her teeth visible.

Nana’s grinning too.

When she had me and my brother she experienced a love she had never known. In the faces of my children she found joy, a joy that reached new heights when she became a grandmother.

How big is the baby? This big!

And thanks to the birth of a new generation my mother’s heart is even bigger.

Bigger than the baby. Bigger than she could have ever imagined.

Bigger and filled to the brim with love.

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