The Magic of Children

I wouldn’t say that I’m a grumpy person or anything, but I can definitely be a little bit jaded at times. While I do enjoy a good tradition every now and again, I sometimes get overwhelmed and disenchanted when it comes to the holiday season and in the past have honestly just felt like it was all more work than it was worth. And then I had a child. A wonderful, little bundle of love and magic and she ruined me for cynicism forevermore.

The Magic of Children

There is just something about children that is magical. Experiencing the world anew through their fresh eyes and ears is such a gift. You can’t even explain it until it happens to you, but it’s like one day all of these things were just “things” and now these “things” are made of magic. Seeing Fern’s face light up the first time she saw Christmas lights or when we cut down our first Christmas tree. Seeing the look of pure joy on her face as she opens a gift…it makes the holiday season magic again.

I find her excitement to be contagious and I can’t help but get excited too. All of the traditions and fun memories we have yet to make fill my soul with an anticipation I have never known before. Now I understand why all those parents said the holidays would be so much more fun when I had children of my own. They were so right.

I love that I have been given the little magic maker to help me see with fresh eyes and appreciate the magic in the little moments this holiday season.

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