The Magic of a Goofy Toddler

Newborns and infants are pretty much the sweetest beings on earth. But toddlers? Toddlers take the cake! Their improved ability to communicate and new found understanding of the world around them truly shapes their personalities. When their character begins to form, the goofy and fun loving toddlers tend to shine through. Zaynab has grown into a total goofball and I just can’t get enough of her antics!


Goofry Toddler


This little gal has our family and friends smiling from ear to ear each and every day. She knows how to work a crowd and steal the spotlight. Once she has everyone’s attention, she’ll crank up her goofball factor. She has an incredible sense of humor for a toddler. She must get that from her Mama. She has a whole arsenal of facial expressions that leave us squealing with delight and begging for more.

My goofy toddler, she lights up my days. If I’m frustrated or tired, her silly antics give me the boost I need to proceed. It’s like being hit with a bolt of happiness giving me a much needed recharge. Her fun loving and silly personality leaves an impact on all those around her. During our 3 month long stay overseas, she was the star of the show. Whenever I speak to our family from overseas, everyone always comments on how much they miss Zaynab and all the laughter she brought.

I find that Zaynab’s personality is closer to mine compared to her sisters. Sure, she’ll start out shy and reserved upon first meeting you. But once she feels comfortable and allows her true personality to shine through, she will capture your attention and heart with her goofy antics.

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