The Magic of Being a First-Time Dad


Yesterday was my husband’s 5th Father’s Day, which means he was woken up with a smiling little boy behind an outstretched Mr. Incredible balloon that said “Happy Father’s Day, SUPER DAD!” It means he was given a handmade card with the the cutest little-kid handwriting and imaginative Daddy portrait. It means they could hang out, exchange kisses, and continue their model car project.

But my nephew’s father had a unique celebration: It was his very first Father’s Day. Which means he was given a handprint-stamped card and a sentimental “First” gift, and then had a day of cuddling and admiring.

The first Father’s Day is a bit surreal. It’s the first time you’re being celebrated for this brand new identity and responsibility, and the first time you can see the years spilled out ahead — the hand-made cards, the kid-scrawled handwriting, the homemade breakfasts.

The Mr. Incredible balloon that your son picked out just for you, and then quietly hid in his closet for days. Because in your son’s eyes, you are a Super Dad.

But right now? Now it’s just the beginning.

Now it’s anticipation and far-in-the-future visions.

Now it’s soft sighs as he falls asleep, clutching onto your shirt, smelling the new scent of a Dad.

Now it’s pure magic.

Photos: Picnik Photography

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