The Magic and Wonder of Newborns

We’re crazy obsessed over here. It’s been two and a half years since we last had a newborn in the house. Since then, our fascination with newborns seems to have increased tenfold. With Amani’s arrival, we are besides ourselves with sheer joy.We just can’t get enough of her.

The Magic and Wonder of Newborns

Our voices have turned into high pitched squeals as we express our love to Amani. We’ve kissed her a hundred thousand times. A day. Everyone from Zaynab, all through my husband, is enamored by every tiny feature. We marvel at her tiny, delicate fingers. Tickle her itty-bitty feet. Nuzzle into her deliciously newborn scented neck. Can someone please get on creating a newborn scent scented candle, please? Her little lips, her small nose, her soft cheeks, every inch of her has us smitten.

There’s hardly a moment that she’s left alone. At all hours of the day, someone wants to hold her, cuddle with her, or kiss her. She rarely naps peacefully because there’s always an older sibling or parent that just wants one more peek and one more peck on the cheek.

We are in love. In LOVE. Her newness is refreshing. It’s so exciting to see this new life learn and look at everything around her with wonder. When she smiles, our hearts feel as if they’ll burst. As if we’ve never seen a smile before. Each smile from her increases our love more than our hearts know what to do with.

Perhaps it’s because she’s so small. Who doesn’t love mini things? My oldest daughter squealed one day, “it’s like she’s a tiny human!” Yup, exactly. A tiny human that has taken our hearts and pumped them full of love and excitement over new life.

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