The Joy of Sisterhood

Growing up, I think I took for granted that I had two sisters.


I was the oldest, so I saw them as pesky and bothersome most of the time. As I started getting older though, I was able to look back and realize just how blessed I was to have them to grow up with. They were the true friends that were always there, even if we did fight a lot.

Now as a mom of two sweet girls, my heart is full for the bond that they will develop.

I feel like sisters grow up having an unspoken bond between them. They are bound, with their hearts knit together in kindred spirit.

I am not trying to rush through this newborn stage, but I can’t wait for the day when they can play together. Right now there is a lot of “please leave your sister alone,” “shhhh the baby is sleeping,” and “Baby Finley doesn’t eat animal crackers.” I look forward to the day when they can play dress up together, when I can scoot them outside to go play in the yard, and when there will be lots of slumber parties in homemade forts.

I know there will also come a day when they may feel annoyed by each other or may not want to share each other’s clothes, but I hope that the love they have for each other will endure. And that through it all, they will be the very best of friends, for now and forevermore.

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