The Issue with Snacking in the Car and a Smart Solution

I cleaned out our vehicle last week before a last-minute inspection from our dealership (our lease is up) and discovered that my children need a snack solution. Long road trips and frequent travels mean lots of snacking, especially from my growing toddler. The problem is, he (and his sisters) have a bad habit of spilling just about everything. This means plenty of crumbs EVERYWHERE. Baggies work for the older kids, but not so much for my son, as he tends to fling those bags (and their contents) anywhere and everywhere.

The First Years have come out with a really cool product that looks as though it may solve my snack mess woes. This container fits in most cup holders and is ideal for accidental tosses and tumbles. If your child drops the container, no more than three pieces of cereal or dry snack will fall out. This is thanks to the membrane that lines the top. How handy is that? It says the bowl is recommended for babies 9 months and up, but I’m not ashamed to say that I’m looking into purchasing one for each of my girls. The less mess for me to clean up, the better!

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