The Introverted Mom’s Guide to Getting Out

Did you see the HuffPo article that circulated the web last week all about introverts? Being a grade A introvert myself I thought it was kind of awesome, and really spot on! And as an introvert, I know how hard it can be to go out and connect with other moms. But mom support is kind of like soup for the soul so it’s so important for us introverts to learn how to get out and make friends. So here’s my guide to getting out, for the introverted Mama…

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1. Make time to recharge! 

Your not going to be up for going out and spending energy on small talk and making friends if you’re already on empty. So make it a priority to have some quiet down time each day. Maybe it’s during nap time. Maybe it’s just a new “quiet time” each day where all the kids have to play quietly in their own spaces. Whatever you’ve got to do to find time to recharge your tank, do it.


2. Say yes to 1 social thing a week

It may seem small, but it’s a really great start. And it’s not so overwhelming of a commitment that hopefully it won’t stress you out too much. Remember that connecting with other moms is good for you, you’ll find support and be able to share stories and strategies as well as having another set of eyes watching the little ones while they play.

3. Know your limits

I know that my limit is an hour or so out with our son in a social activity. Anything longer than that and the combination of watching him and caring for him while we’re out and being social wears me completely out and I start to shut down and get really shy and quiet. So I plan to go to social outings for an hour and after that I allow myself the option to leave if I’m feeling worn out.

4. Balance is key!

If you know you’re going out to a playdate or mom get-together in the afternoon, try to plan to have a quiet and peaceful morning. And visa-versa. Introverts need to balance out energy expenditure with time to restore our energy tanks.

5. Get outside

As an introvert it is so easy to go through a whole day without stepping outside the house. But being in the fresh air and sunshine can do wonders! It seems like it might be daunting but in fact, getting outside and enjoying nature can be extremely recharging. So try for a playdate at a splash pad or public park and soak up some vitamin D while you connect with other moms.

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