The Importance of the Toddler Cousin Connection

They say friends come and go, but family is forever. This couldn’t be more true. While we form relationships and incredible friendships that are very dear to us, it’s the ones we are connected to by the unbreakable bond of blood ties that we cannot escape. Nor should we want to escape.

Family, relatives, cousins, they all hold a special connection. Branches from the same tree with roots that dig down deep and keep us grounded. This strong family bond is not only important for the adults, but more so for the children. It is the little ones that will grow before our eyes as we watch their adorable little antics to remind them of and embarrass them later.

Toddler Cousins

Zaynab doesn’t have many cousins her age in California, but during our extended vacation in Palestine, she’s been introduced to many. Younger and older and one just months apart, she’s having a grand time interacting with them all. She’s learning how to interact not just with children her age, but how to deal with family members in general.

Her closest cousin pal is Little A. Around 6 months older than her, they get along pretty well most of the time. He lives right next door and they see each other every single day. Every morning, Z will stand at the window and call out to him. When he arrives, he’s greeted with a hug. However, both have strong personalities which tend to clash when it comes to deciding who should sit at the head of the table or next to Grandma.

The squabble and argue and then giggle and play. They are partners in crime and will brings their heads together to do something that will drive their mamas bonkers. At various times they’ve been found making mud pies pr swinging together on the porch swing alone.

It’s these memories that will give her a life long connection to her cousin. When they’re older, we’ll reminisce on the times they spent together, the trouble they got into, and the embarrassing moments. They too will look back once they’re able to remember and laugh about all the good times they had at Grandpa’s house. They will experience the same loss when someone in the family passes and the same joy when a fellow cousin finds happiness.

One of the main reasons I brought my girls to Palestine on this extended stay was to give them this cousin connection. I’m so happy to know that they will go home with all these special moments, forever in their hearts.

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