The Importance of Moms Who Dream

I’m a dreamer.

Always have and always will be. And instead of feeling guilty about my secret life as a mom dreamer, I’ve learned to include my kids in my dreams.

My daughters both danced an excited dance with me in my office when I had received my first article acceptance.

They eagerly crowded into a smiling selfie with me when my book—hot off the presses—finally arrived in the mail.

They may be the only four- and six-year-olds who know what a New York Times Bestselling author is and they regularly read parenting magazines for me with article ideas. (“How about one on how much you love me, Mom?”)

I think it’s important for my kids to be a part of my dreams – in watching me set my goals, work hard to reach them, and celebrate when my dreams come true.

Because moms who dream can raise kids who dream.

And these moms would agree with me.

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