The Great Baby Gear Purge of 2013

Have you ever started a small project around the house and then the next thing you know you’ve opened a gigantic can of worms? Like all you wanted to do was a little vacuuming in the living room and suddenly you’ve spent the bulk of the day shampooing all the carpeted areas in your four-story home? (I’m looking at you, my dear husband.)

Well, what was going to be a quick little tidy-up of baby Paul’s nursery somehow turned into The Great Baby Gear Purge of 2013. All I was going to do was organize his books, and the next thing you know my entire entryway was filled with no-longer-played-with toys.

You see, baby Paul is our last child. So when he’s done with an item, it’s outta here!


We did our best to find new homes for most of our beloved gear. A friend expecting her first baby in a couple months, and a neighbor down the block took the bulk of the toys. But after it had all been picked over by our friends and neighbors, we had to do something with the few remaining items.

So we headed to the thrift-store to donate what was left.

Up until we got to the thrift store, I had been completely fine and emotionally ready to part with the baby gear. But suddenly, when the teenage thrift store employee was helping me unload the gear from the back of my car, I got really weepy inside.

It just felt so final. And yes, I was being overly dramatic about the whole thing.

I wanted to look him in the eye, and tell him to be careful with our stuff. That all four of my kids had loved on this gear for years, and it’s super special.

You guys, I know this stuff is just that, stuff. But it was the first stuff my little babies played with. We made so many amazing memories playing with this stuff. But I kept my thoughts to myself, and silently unloaded the car.

Slowly but surely we’re leaning towards a baby-gear free lifestyle. And while it feels lighter to have less stuff, it also feels bittersweet and heavy to close this chapter in my life.

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