The Golden Moment I’d Been Hoping For

Today I came out of my bedroom to find my two little girls in the living room, lying on their stomachs next to each other, with a big animal book spread out in front of them.

My older daughter was explaining what each animal was and spouting off all the various animal facts she knows.

My younger daughter was enthusiastically nodding and saying “mmmm” and “yessssss” after each new nugget of wisdom was shared with her.

They barely noticed when I came in.

Sometimes, two kids can be tricky. Keeping track of both of them when we’re in public or making sure the toys and snacks are shared can be exhausting.

But now, as they’re both getting a little older, more and more often, I think, “This is just what I was hoping for.”


It’s so sweet to watch my little girls learn to love each other and enjoy being together.

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