This is the Gift of Sisterhood

When your family is going through a host of changes — some intentional and some unexpected — it’s hard not to wonder what the future will hold. As parents, we plan and prepare as best we can, but we also know that there will be situations that we weren’t prepared for. There will be lessons learned that no teacher or book could have taught us, and that no study guide could have helped us through.

But sometimes, you’re fortunate enough to have someone there — to help you navigate life, to cheer you on, and to comfort you when life is being a bit unkind.

We parents like to be that for our children, but I find myself so grateful that Mommy and Daddy aren’t the only ones alongside our Lola as she ventures through life.

“Sister” is there also.

In a world filled with such uncertainty, I find myself especially thankful for moments like this (right).


These are my reminders that every trial, every growing pain, is worth it… because they are on the other side. And perhaps the most comforting part is that they are there — together.

My husband and I aren’t the only ones wiping tears, making silly faces, or kissing “owies.” Lola has a big sister who loves her so much and has wanted to be there to celebrate every moment, give hugs and kisses, and even change a few diapers.

She tries to help Lola see when a behavior isn’t okay, and she does it with such love. Yes, of course, there are moments when she’s a tad frustrated; as Lola has grown, she’s become a master button-pusher. But my oldest understands that her baby sister is learning a lot like she did, and still is.

I’m grateful for the opportunity for Lola to learn a few things alongside her sister. Because as you grow up, you will find that the world isn’t always all that kind or forgiving. But the best sisters are — they are kind (most of the time) and forgiving, and remind you to also be kind and forgiving to yourself.

The day will come when my husband and I won’t be able to be there in the capacity that we are now. A day will come when these two will sit side by side holding hands, giggling, or even crying like they used to when they were small. One day, when we can be there for them no longer, they will still be there for each other.

I delight in the gift of sisterhood — in knowing that these two will always have another shoulder to lean on, another hand to hold. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

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